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Coming Soon...

Until the new paintings are released, here are a selection from Ron's last show to enjoy.


The Catalogue:

For this exhibition of his latest works, Ron will be looking back:

In Time.....


“I understand that island life can at times be difficult but through this exhibition, I want to celebrate the modest, more peaceful existence I’ve experienced when visiting the Islands over the years.

There is a sense that time has stopped as there are so many wonderful reminders of days gone by and how things used to be….. historic landmarks and buildings, ruins and old crofting paraphernalia, or, old working practices that still continue in the islands today.

At the Landscape....

“I’m constantly striving to convey the feeling the Hebrides evoke and the emotional connection I have with the landscape.  For me, the vast skies and stark, empty lands give me a sense of calm that I don’t feel anywhere else. I’d love to spend some time permanently on the islands one day.

Through this new collection of works, I want to capture this feeling by painting scenes of the broader terrains and space, instead of only focussing on sole buildings, in addition to looking back at these unique landscapes from different perspectives.”


At his Career....

111 - Tiree Sky.jpg

“All of the works I created were painted solely in watercolour until 1990 when I started to incorporate gouache [an opaque watercolour paint] into my skies, to accentuate the stark Hebridean environment.

My entire focus is around the mastery of watercolour paint and I love how the medium can be manipulated and used like no other.  I still feel a huge degree of satisfaction from painting pieces entirely in watercolour so as part of this exhibition of new works, I’m winding back the clock to paint a collection of watercolour only pieces.   Not using gouache means the pieces can look completely different with their variable skies – they’ve allowed me to be a lot less controlled with my work and let the water work its magic.

At St Kilda....

“I was lucky to be able to visit St Kilda a few years ago – I’d read so much about it, its history and the 1930s evacuations - it felt like a dream come true to finally be able to go.

I managed to stay for 4 days, so was able to  totally immerse myself - it’s such an amazing place, you can’t help, but be moved by it – how far away you are from anywhere else, its sheer scale and geography, the wildlife.

I want to look back and capture some of the staggering landscapes I experienced, as well as creating a few pieces portraying one of St Kilda’s iconic bords, the puffin.”

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