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Ron's Work

With his highly intricate, meticulous paintings, Ron Lawson achieves what every artist desires – instantly recognisable work. Using a limited colour palette, Ron perfectly captures intricately detailed scenes of the Scottish wilderness and its terrain, against his trademark stark, flat (usually grey) background.

His work has continued to evolve throughout the years, but one thing has remained constant – Ron's relentless pursuit of perfectly capturing not only the physical landscape, but also the feeling and emotion of actually being there and experiencing the limitless space and remoteness first-hand.


"Through continually studying and painting my croftscapes, I strive to capture a perfect vision of how you feel when you’re actually there – the real sense of space. At times, I’ll paint my memory of a place, sometimes deliberately exaggerating the remoteness of a cottage just to convey the feeling I experienced standing there, in majestic and splendid isolation."

On The Edge - Stage 1.jpg
On The Edge - Stage 2.jpg
On The Edge North Uist.jpg
88 - Blue Door.jpg
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